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A single place for teams to look

Big teams or complex systems with interdependent assets leads to wasted resources—or worse, duplicated efforts—without complicated, manual relationship monitoring. This makes development harder or, if not managed correctly, makes your website front end slower.

GraphQL alleviates this situation by making changes that allow for a smoother design experience, and a single source for information across all teams—one graph. There are many potential benefits, including querriable APIs that lead to a seamless front-end development experience, or discoverable APIs that more easily integrate with third parties or other teams because they come from a single, documented place. Most importantly, GraphQL serves as a modern API gateway, automatically mapping connections between assets and allowing clients to control what data comes back, optimizing resource usage.

Using GraphQL in a large company can be tricky because so many users and sources can be chaotic. We are experts in using techniques like schema-stitching or federated GraphQL and creating a single API. Our proven GraphQL experience also lowers the difficulties with scaling, and lowers the potential for N+1: we are steady hands at mitigating these issues.

Proven GraphQL experience

Focus on projects, not record keeping

Shuttl has the proven experience with GraphQL to help you through the process—10 years of API design experience, and five years of specifically using GraphQL. We are experienced with REST, and we know how to use GraphQL to make REST its best self.

Shuttl has the proven experience with GraphQL to help you through the process.

Is REST Dead?

We all have heard of GraphQL and gRPC, the new kids on the block. Have they come to take down one of the biggest paradigms in web development? The answer is undoubtedly no, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore GraphQL or gRPC.

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