Continous Delivery & Integration

Fast, easy and often” should be the standard for deploying new features

Empower your developers

A customized platform streamlines your pipeline for easy deployments

Deployments can be risky. While increased churn can seem to increase risk, in reality it decreases the potential for bugs in an update—and makes finding them easier. By empowering developers to make many small updates, you can limit potential bugs and rollback easily if one emerges, lowering the stakes of each potential change.

This methodology is further optimized by automating high-impact points along the pipeline by implementing tools that enable developers to script out pipelines and infrastructure, and training them on how to use them—in essence, letting the developers off the leash to update as needed and fix problems IF they arise, rather than waiting on another siloed team to solve the problem. This leads to less downtime and revenue loss.

Keep your users and your bottom line happy

Deliver features faster

When you engage Shuttl, we work to understand both your process and where you’re at on your journey to quick deployment. We are longtime application and product engineers. We’ve built products and—more importantly—know how products are built. Shuttl is not additional overhead; it’s a path to a custom-built infrastructure that frees you to focus on developing. If you have a tool you love, we will incorporate that or we help you find one that fits—it’s all based on your preferences. You end up with a roadmap from where you are with where you want to be and create milestones to keep the process on track.

Shuttl frees your team to have fun developing value-add features, while we focus on optimizing the pipeline and making development smooth and easy.

Technologies We Love to Use

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Our Mission

We help you develop and deliver your technology strategies. We specialize in helping you build platforms that allow your teams to deliver faster and with more reliability.

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