Asset Reliability

We have the knowledge and talent to deliver exceptional mobile experiences using Swift, Kotlin, or React Native. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need to build and suggest the best platform for your needs.

If your app isn’t working, your users aren’t happy

What’s more, your bottom line is probably sad too

Constant monitoring to ensure your product is functional at an established baseline is necessary.

However, monitoring assets and quality assurance—especially when done manually—are time consuming and resource intensive, leading to slower deployment. What’s worse, manual monitoring only reveals a problem when revenue is being lost. First you have to be alerted to the problem, and often by the time you react your metrics are affected and you’re looking at more downtime while you fix the problem.

Automatic solutions for common problems

Build a system that responds to issues without intervention

By empowering your developers to prioritize critical parts of the app and ensure these are monitored effectively—and automatically—with scripts, you increase reaction time from “soon” to “now.” Whatever the SLO is, parameters can be developed that address your specific need and instantly trigger the appropriate solution, scaling resources up and down and only alerting the team as needed. Your developers can decide these SLOs as needed, or we can help you create a system of metrics to serve your business and ensure your product is always functional.

When you engage with Shuttl, we first work to identify areas for improvement, such as scaling, insufficient test coverage or breaking on release. An effective platform for design includes an effortlessly efficient space for devs to work. Managing these tasks manually is a massive drain on creativity and energy—so let us take up the slack while you remain focused on getting things done. Whatever your specific need is will be incorporated into a bespoke plan that keeps your app earning and your devs developing.

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We help you develop and deliver your technology strategies. We specialize in helping you build platforms that allow your teams to deliver faster and with more reliability.

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