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See how we leveraged modern technology to make deployments easier, help streamline the application stack, and improve branding on WeFind.

WeFind is a social media analytics platform that allows marketers to track performance of partner influencers and explore new opportunities.

When the WeFind team approached us, they were looking for a team to take over the operation of their technology platform. They wanted to accomplish a few high level goals: consolidate technology, reduce spend, align branding, and of course add new features.

When we started looking it over, the WeFind team had their web presence spread across 5 different domain names, all hosted on different platforms. For example, they had a single landing page at trywefind.com hosted on Instacart. Their list dashboard was at list.trywefind.com. Account settings was at another subdomain. Each of these properties had disjointed branding that made the whole experience jarring and hard to navigate.

We quickly realized that a whole site redesign would accomplish most of their goals. We consolidated all 5 domains into a consistent web application using react and gatsby for SEO and user experience purposes. We reduced their platform spend by 20% by shutting down those 5 subdomains and removing now unnecessary hosting providers. Traffic to their new website increased by 30% with 10% more user signups.

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